Sure, it may be the wrong way of life.
If any one of you can honestly claim that you'd be okay with your mother, sister, daughter or friend becoming a prostitute, then this world has gotten far darker than I had ever imagined.
While sex work offers a very legitimate and important source of labor for many individuals, until governments, institutions and society are ready to grapple with human trafficking, prostitution cannot maturity date of a note be legalized without also unleashing threats of coercion and violence upon women and children worldwide.Sex is still primarily an act to make babies.Report Post, less Government Intervention, the government has their hand in everything.Prostitution is very much a part of the natural process, yes females will trade sex for water, food, or shelter in the animal kingdom.The societal bias against sex workers results in their unfair treatment within the legal system and increased violence against them.There are a lot of pluses of legalization of it, the good example could be Holland where the prostitution is legalized.In a world of criminalized prostitution, sex workers are doing everything possible to avoid arrest, including working far away from law enforcement and in the most dangerous parts of communities.I think, the government should legalize the prostitution in our country.Prositituion comes with alot of wrong.The most harmful part of prostitution is the stigma the sex workers feel for their profession.And YES its your body, you can do what you want with.This could include unionizing, workers compensation, healthcare and a regulated way to report and respond to violence perpetrated against sex workers.Report Post, prostitution should NOT be legal!Report Post, let adult women be treated as thinking adults for once.Sure, all jobs hire you to do a service, whats the difference with prostitution?People are just going to do it anyway, right?Yes, it is only bad because of stigma.
Prevent and eradicate "child prostitution, child pornography and other forms of sexual abuse" Prostitution already includes a "too high" number of child sexual exploitation, to legalize prostitution would be to decrease and inhibit efforts to eradicate such practices.
The Cause Of The Violence Related To Prostitution Is Its own Illegality.

And the worst thing is, the people reading this will just think Im a self-righteous conservative.