Girls are, of course, drawn to prostitution because of the money.
And, on a busy night, about 300 girls.
In 2004, the prohibition was extended to bingos and what is whore in the bible slot machines.(Although, as the law insists, the word prostitution cannot be used nor is it mentioned that you can pay them for sex).'I only work in the mornings, because it's safer and less tiring.She told me that she lived in the basement about 100 of the girls did, in tiny rooms with two bunks each.'We put big TV screens in the road for the men to watch football, we put on barbeques, and Brazilian music parties.Poverty: Aline, right, told MailOnline: 'We were all expecting so much from the World Cup, because everyone told us demand would be huge.Breaking this law results in 8 to 15 years in prison.The space was huge, enough room for maybe 800 people, with a stage at the end where a band was performing hit Brazilian songs.The seedy leaflet says 30 minutes of sex is 40 reals (9) - down 48 per cent on the normal price of 75 reals (17).Often these sites let thegirls stick up their own mobiles, thus eliminating the need for pimps.The girls all have different rates.The line between brothels and nightclubs in Brazil is about to become even more blurred.And because everything is so above board and well-staffed with security men the girls are much less at risk of violence than they used.Gambling, the law: Casinos are forbidden in Brazil since 1946.But few of us think anything will come of the Olympics.'Afterwards I knelt down and thanked Jesus for saving.