The long walks to the river to swim, camping out, every day as good as the last one and it seemed to go on forever.
I spent most of the days swimming at our local pool in South Norwood, back then it was only 50p to get in and I was in 7th heaven.
In 2010 they also rank for the most sacks having 49 total.
I still own and drive the 1978 MG Midget that I bought brand new on August 10th 1978.One sheet, not needed!Lewis I don't know why, but 1976 has always seemed like a special year.I am a grandad now but just remembering anything from back then takes me there just for a brief moment.And people talk to each other.Neill (nb, in 2008 my class of 76 met again at a reunion.On nights we used to have our last break at 4 till 430 and go outside to watch the sun come up, also went to Blackpool on holiday that year with six mates and never saw a cloud all week.Buffo che non abbia ancora disegnato qualche sorta di papero ma non voglio fare come i colleghi Disney e preferisco distinguermi provando a disegnare specie diverse dalle solite papere.I would listen to the Bee Gees and Abba and went to watch the film Saturday Fever with John Travolta.My 45's all melted together in the heat.Pubs running out of lager, roads melting.As said in other memories, getting up early to watch show like Tiswas but being outdoor more often than not.
Resa also coached at North Shelby during her coaching career.
I was 7 years old and my sister was 10, my dad drove us in his metallic blue Escort okaloosa escort Mk I and he had the wipers going to clear the ladybirds that were as thick as rain!

In some areas people had their water supply turned off for most of the day to conserve water.