kenya presidential escort unit

Provide security to visiting Heads of State and Governments.
Control and monitoring refugee influx, control and vigilance on stoways, providing reasons for legalization of prostitution security for tourists and beach patrols.
Its constituted of the following detachments.Lake Baringo Detachment, the Unit is set to open up more detachments along the coastal line from Shimoni to South Coast to Kiunga in the North Coast and also in parts of Lake Victoria especially in Homabay - Suba - Migori Districts.To provide security and protection to His Excellency the President.Carry out search and rescue operations along the Kenya waters.The Unit being one of the law enforcement agency, is duty bound to support the local Police establishment under which it falls.The site surveys carried out along the Kenyan Coastline, Lake Victoria Basin and other lakes in Rift Valley.e Turkana, Naivasha and Baringo are a threat to National Security, in that, there are infiltration of small arms, cattle rustling, drug trafficking, child trafficking, influx.Before, the Unit was a sector within the Port Police Kilindini Division.The Unit is established to support the following functions of the Kenya Police Service in accordance with Section 24 of the National Police Service Act, 2011.Enforcement of IMO rules, observations and regulations.Prevention and monitoring of narcotic trade.Functions OF maritime police unit, provision of internal security along the seas and lakes in Kenya.Keeping vigil on Maritime iperations and activities.Control and keeping vigil on terrorist activities.The headquarters is at the Kilindini Port in Mombasa District of Coast Province.History OF maritime police unit, the Unit was established in 10 April, the prostitute painting 2007 as a law enforcement agency to deal with maritime activities to provide security along the seas and lakes in Kenya.Prevention and control on infiltration of small arms.Provide security to His Excellency the Deputy President.
Provide security to the retired Presidents.