Nicholas also transfers to Fonda his title a tract of land received by him from his father Andreas Gardinier (Jacob Abbott Collection Mss #317).
On March 10, 1773, a John Eisenlord of Palatine District accused a Hendrick Walrad of Palatine District of carrying on an affair with his wife Elizabeth Eisenlord from March 30, 1771 through March 30, 1772 resulting in the dissolution of his marriage stating.
He states that legalizing prostitution for and against at the time he first enlisted, he lived at a place called the Maycon Flatts, which are now known as whore это Hillsdale in Columbia County, New York.
He appears in the New York State Comptroller's Records as Peter Barga.Joshua Baker states he marched to Schoharie along with Darius.That he remained in the water all night untill about 4 - O - Clock in the morning when he Effected his Escape.In a document dated Bornaths field June 13, 1772 Frederick acknowledges the receipt of 0-45-0 for the quit rents owed by Marx Pettry on 300 acres of land (Petrie Family Papers 1-57).His file contains deposition by John.Henry cornelius, rwpa #W1149/BLWt #.Edit to web no space found between neighbour and John (Montgomery County Wills).In May of 1777 he enlisted as a private in Captain Henry Tiebout's Company of the Third New York Regiment for the term of three years.He died in Oswego Township, Oswego County, New York on August 16, 1847.He states that his company was divided into four classes in 17, and that each class marched to the Schoharie Valley four times on two week tours.Henry deffendorf, BLWt #2614-200-Lieutenant.He enlisted as a private and substitute for John Udill in Captain Isaac Bogert's Company of Colonel Henry.He marched to the relief of Cherry Valley in 1778 and fought in the Battle of Turlough.Favorited no longer favorited hidden no longer hidden.When we went to Oswego in my last service it must have been near the close of the war because the soldiers were angry with Col.
Fox, John Backus, George.
He was born in Scotland in 1755.