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Every building on the facility was flooded with water depths ranging from 3 feet whore family meme at the levee to more than 18 feet at the northernmost part of the property.
Confederate control was short lived as New Orleans fell to a Union naval force the following year.
On DEC/23 (1862) and JAN/30 (1863) and grenada/Mi.
In octagonal box on soldier's cover endorsed by John.Postmaster Hawkins used two postmark handstamps - an early grenada/Mi.On NOV/8, and DEC/23 (1862) and FEB/2 (1863).5 Blue Lithographs on folded letter postmarked grenada/miss.Generators powered by natural gas failed as the underground gas lines were compromised.So, theres really no reason to waste your money trying to repair.Other Confederate lithographed stamps recorded on covers from Grenada include the 10 Blue Lithograph, Hoyer Ludwig printing, postmarked grenada/miss.The 5 Blue Typograph, Richmond printing, are blue, light blue, dark blue, and cobalt blue, have poorer impressions, and (except those printed on London paper) were printed on a coarser paper than the 5 Blue Typograph, London printing.Height: The maximum height permitted to travel on Mississippi roads and highways is 13 feet 6 inches.chase escort vehicle is required.Continue reading Oxford sell your junk car today.Hawkins on an official list of deaths from yellow fever at Grenada.Per the lease agreement between the.S.Manuscript "62" indicates 1862.The year was 1862.Dates on these recorded covers with lithographed stamps range from February 21, 1862, to January 6, 1863.Width: Over 10 feet wide anytime night travel is permitted requires 1 pilot car or escort vehicle.During the late 1850's and early 1860's, Grenada prospered as a headquarters for the construction of the Mississippi Central Railroad and the Mississippi and Tennessee Railroad.Earl Van Dorn on the Union supply line at Holly Springs on December 20, General Grant withdrew his army to the line of the Memphis and Charleston Railroad in Tennessee between December 23, 1862, and January 11, 1863. .
On November 9, Confederate troops withdrew from Holly Springs to a line of defense just south of the Tallahatchie River near Abbeville. .

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