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But while Hull has celebrated its fishing heritage with statues and murals as UK City of uni escorts Culture this year, it takes a hard line on the sex trade.
Under planning laws, official consent is not required for structures classed as temporary if they are only there for a maximum of 28 days, the.
That's how desperate some of these women are.No men have yet been prosecuted, however."We are never going to stamp out prostitution in Hull entirely, but at the end of the day we have to send a message out that that kind of behaviour will not be tolerated.".But now organisers are being forced to scramble to apply for retrospective planning or risk losing the blade that has made headlines around the world and been photographed by thousands of people.Image copyright Alamy Image caption Doing sex work is known in Hull as "going down the lane after the former red light district, Waterhouse Lane.It's not just birthdays, but the silly little things, like making up daft songs about what we were having for tea and singing them all the way home from the shops.Three years ago - not long after its status as 2017's city of culture had been confirmed - it became the only local authority in the UK to effectively make prostitution illegal.In the three-and-a-half years it took to prepare, five women working on the streets were murdered.Image posed by a model (Image: fethi belaid/AFP/Getty Images).Image copyright Hull News Pictures Image caption During the day, Hessle Road is a busy shopping street "Many times when I have been working in evening outreach, police are around and appear to be waiting for the women to get on or off the vehicle."I can understand that Hull City Council wants to clean up the streets, but I think the best way to do that is not an Asbo, or to victimise victims, I think it is to provide support and proper treatment and look at the social.There is a perception that these women are all on benefits but that is not always the case."There is no love of sex, working on the streets - it's always a last resort.".So, if you share a flat with someone else and work on alternate days or weeks, the premises will still count as a brothel, even though there is never more than one person working at any one time.
The cocky bravado of the women in Hull's red light district made it seem like an easy way of funding her drug addiction.