how much does prostitution pay

Meanwhile, the study points out, reports of violent crime were up 32 in 1985 from a decade before.
The premise of the study was that law enforcement resources would be better spent investigating and preventing violent crimes instead of prostitution.If you have intercouse, only use a girl who insists on condoms.Asked if those prostitute fucks in car violent criminals might not simply commit similar crimes elsewhere, he said: "I admit that if you chase a rattlesnake away, he won't disappear, but he won't bite.They'll tell you what the going rate.Best Answer: Depends what you want, where you are, and whether you're going to streetwalkers or escorts.Italy600 Million, cambodia511 Million, israel500 Million, ireland326 Million.Havocscope calculates the worlds prostitution revenue by adding up the estimated market values from countries where prostitution revenue is available.South Korea12 Billion, india8.4 Billion, thailand6.4 Billion, philippines6 Billion.Research for the study was conducted in 1985 by Julie Pearl, a 1987 graduate student of Hastings College of the Law."We can't afford to keep prostitution illegal anymore Pearl said in a telephone interview from her San Francisco home.However, arrests for violent crimes rose only.7, and arrests for homicide and robbery dropped.If it's your first time, don't use a prostitute, because you will always remember it in a sad way; every woman in your future will ask how you lost your virginity, and it's very sad to say you lost it to a prostitute.Spain26.5 Billion, japan24 Billion, germany18 Billion (Legal Industry united States14.6 Billion.The revenue estimates comes from a wide range of sources, such as public health programs, law enforcement initiatives and other criminal justice programs, as well as media reports.Number Arrested, for example, the study points out, police officers arrested 74,550 people for prostitution in America's 16 largest cities in 1985.That means that the average big-city police department spent 213 man-hours a day enforcing prostitution laws.'Hidden Costs several "hidden costs" taken into account by the study were time spent driving to arrest sites, overtime pay for officers working nights, and jail costs.Some do have websites, BTW.The study, published by the University of California's Hastings Law Journal in April, concludes that "arrests for prostitution, a misdemeanor, exact a disproportionately high toll on law enforcement resources" to the point that agencies can no longer "afford" to keep the crime "illegal." "Faced with.One wonders why police departments devote so much of their resources to enforcing prostitution laws the study says.