The very smell of the place is enough to break most mortals.
Person of Interest : This happens escorts mokopane to various characters multiple times.
The Halls of Agony from Diablo III were the old torture chambers of King Leoric, back when he was still alive and going mad.
While she is physically safe, find a prostitute on facebook the emotional and psychological effects are played disturbingly straight.We don't see anyone undergoing ISO, but we are shown the harmful effects it has on those who are sent there.When he died, the Club simply abducted him and repeated the proces until he died a second time.In Attack on Titan, Minister Nick is tortured to try to get him to reveal Eren's location (he doesn't break).The Reavers (psychotic cannibalistic zombie-like barbarians) not only kill their victims in the most horrible and prolonged manner possible (remember, you are very lucky if you are already dead by the time they start their meal) but also apply torture as a recruiting solution.In the fourth level of Hell, Phlegethos, there's a place called the Pit of Flame.And that bastard's not even dead yet!Seth deliberately pushes resettlers from their vehicles in Route 666, has Josephites flagellate themselves to death and Jesuit commandos crucified and kept alive with occasional doses of water in Krokodil Tears, in order that their deaths are prolonged to make them better food for the.In The Darkness, Jackie is captured by police captain Eddie Shrote and tortured for information on who helped him raid a crooked cop's stash (unfortunately for everyone involved, the answer is: no one).In the rewritten reality, Nataline Homato was subjected to months of torture by Shendu before being killed and hanged up as an example to the rest of humanity of what happens when you defy the demons.Sword Art Online pulls this off twice during the climax of the Fairy Dance arc: Sugou experiments on the minds of the 300 SAO survivors, testing their fear and pain responses.Vaermina, the Daedric Prince of Nightmares, has this within her sphere.Luckily it's offset by a huge amount of Narm from the poor writing and transparent attempts at shock.The scene becomes more creepy in hindsight, when we find out she was his daughter and knew.Heavy is very proud when he discovers that his sisters, now all grown women, are more than capable of taking care of themselves without his help.One memorable storyline in The Punisher MAX has Frank fighting European sex slavers.Before I get the chance to ask her how her day is, she quickly puts a 20 euro bill on the counter and runs out.In the Whateley Universe, mutant Phase is tortured by Mad Scientist Emil Hammond.
The infamous "Choppy-choppy your pee-pee!" segment in WWE where Val Venis was kidnapped by Japanese stable Kai En Tai for sleeping with.

In Island of the Aunts there's some torture when the villains capture the mermaids, such as holding a blowdryer to the fishtail of one of the mermaids, to make them talk.