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He hires a computer hacker to track down Rachel.
He eventually turns up to a meeting with President Frank Underwood intoxicated, begging for help, and blames the relapse on the stress working for Heather Dunbar.Stamper Falls in Love With Rachel Becomes Obsessed With Her.Russo is subsequently arrested and charged with driving under the influence, and Posner was in the passengers seat at the time.Later, though, Gavin tells Stamper that Rachel is still alive, and he gives him her location.Edit, storyline, frank's approval ratings have plummeted.Did you see that motorcade roll up?See more » Goofs Frank appears in 2015 on The Colbert Report.But he changes his mind, running over her with his van and burying her body.He cowboys and angels escort service turns the van around and runs Rachel over, killing her.Significant other(s Ex-lovers : Sapphire (2013 Tammy (2014 sharon (2015 laura Moretti(2016 seasons: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, gallery.Season 4 Doug continues to serve Frank as his Chief of Staff.Season 3 Hospitalization In Season 3 it is revealed that Doug was found and did survive the attack but suffered from brain damage which causes problems with his leg.Oh, I wouldn't be here if I had a choice.He used that fact to keep Russo clean for the necessary time, sponsoring and taking Russo to meetings.Appearances Season 5 "Chapter 53" "Chapter 54" "Chapter 55" "Chapter 56" "Chapter 57" "Chapter 58" "Chapter 59" "Chapter 60" "Chapter 61" "Chapter 62" "Chapter 63" "Chapter 64" "Chapter 65" Season 6 "Chapter 66" "Chapter 67" "Chapter 68" "Chapter 69" "Chapter 70" "Chapter 71" "Chapter 72".But Stamper kidnaps her, driving her into the middle of nowhere.See more »"s first lines moldova prostitute cost cargo escort assassin's creed Francis Underwood : visiting the cemetery Hey, pop.Stamper Begins Taking Care of Rachel, Getting Her a New Apartment Job.
Relapse After the attack, Stamper suffers from serious anxiety and depression.