Big Entrance : Hamlet manages one verbally, bursting out of the bushes at Ophelia's funeral.
Hamlet: I did love you once.
(I promise not to seed this review with references to the play to show that I took high school lit.) Ophelia, Hamlets dogged, innocent admirer ultimately driven to madness and possibly/probably suicide by his cruelty and accidental murder of her father, is here reimagined.
On Angel, Cordelia comments that if it were anyone other than the title character, she would say he needed to get laid.When Buffy turns invisible in utah escort regulations season 6, Xander goes to Spike to discuss the situation and walks in on them having sex.In the Agents.H.I.E.L.D.Her sometime sweetheart apparently goes mad, hurls abuse at her when they meet, and kills her father.A 1964 BBC production filmed on-location in Elsinore, and featuring Christopher Plummer as busty european escorts Hamlet, Michael Caine as Horatio, Robert Shaw as Claudius, and Donald Sutherland as Fortinbras.Viewers were not happy.Kaley gets this a bunch at the beginning of Geminni.He's not exactly being forthcoming with us, either, so for all we know he could be telling them the truth.Han Joo-Doh from Akatsuki No Yona often receives this, especially from Geun-Tae who is already married.Do you know how many times people have said that?This seems to be the fan consensus on Redcloak, the Big Bad 's Dragon.When the Clock Strikes Twelve : The ghost of Hamlet's father appears to him shortly after midnight.In the appropriately named episode "Frasier Gotta Have It when he earns a sexual fling with nutty artist Caitlin, Roz asks him an important question: Roz: For as long as I've known you, you've been complaining about your lack of a sex life.Twilight denies it, but it helps explain both her fixation on Golden and her attration to Big Mac.My Sister Is Off-Limits!Sometimes said by one friend to another who seems too engrossed in their hobbies or whatever, it is similar in sentiment to "You need a girlfriend/boyfriend and is the standard response to geeks being geeky.The dating sites for young adults with disabilities mob invades the castle, but Claudius succeeds in talking Laertes out.a second, literal meaning.Gertrude: O me, what hast thou done?
It's spooky, unnerving, and mysterious.