Every fourth year New Brunswick ships a load a Bullshit to it's residents and elects another Premier who can't add, read, or make friends with the rest of Canada).
Austrian police have arrested seven Chinese and Austrian suspects for forcing at least 150 Chinese women to work as prostitutes in brothels.
Some say it is because they are used to worse.Should this prove successful, NB residents will be able to buy steel tools, ammunition and boots from the rest of Canada again.Employers struggle to fill thousands of jobs in New Brunswick.Anglophone district schools put in lockdown after non-specific threat.New Brunswick is an artificial city-state constructed seven miles in the air above Old Brunswick.Women were recruited from China by a Chinese gang that promised them jobs as au pairs or masseuses in Austria.The Irvings are primarily noted for owning the province, clear cutting most of it, and polluting the rest.Drum circles are usually strung across the south side of Fredericton.Image copyright EPA Image caption Austrian police said the women were "frightened victims".The town mascot is unofficially the White tailed deer, which has a higher poppulation density that the people living there, and is granted more rights by the government.New Brunswick exists for the sole purpose of adding an extra six hours to any car trip escort tape in the Maritimes.
Investigators say gang members threatened the women with violence if they tried to leave.