Right now I am accepting Both TFP/tfcd And Paid work. .
I do Not do "open leg" shots. .
That being said there are always exceptions to everything so if that isnt an option for you then let me know and I'm sure we can work something out.I am really only good with the basics.I am also willing to travel up north but have the same aspect, anything outside pretty much an hour and it would be very much appreciated!I have my own make up kit, that is not extensive right now but is slowly growing the more I shoot, but if you need something extreme I suggest hiring a MUA/Hair Stylist.I live about 45 minutes outside Seattle and I dont really mind making the trip out there to shoot, its a worthwhile cause.My view on life is if you can do something you love doing, then do it!I havent had many issues in this area so far, and just like with my make up I am trying northern nv brothels to expand my wardrobe for shooting, but as of yet there are some things that I probably dont have.I do have a scar from having 3 open heart surgeries.As a result of those I also had to get an internal defibrillator implanted and my recovery process has been much harder than with my previous surgeries.Its what has kept me alive and as much as I dislike it somedays, it is a small price to pay for what it has given.If there is nudity I also would Like to have an idea where the pictures are going, what they will be used for etc, just dont want a bunch of nude photos floating around.I am able to do my own hair and make up, I have done it for every picture in my port.I want things to not only be a pleasurable and lucrative experience for me but for you as well, because if I am not giving you what you want then I have not done my job.I also usually bring an escort to my shoots.I can provide my own clothes if needed, as long as you tell me ahead of time exactly what you are looking for. .It's been an unexpected set back, but I've been working hard to overcome it and get back to feeling like my old self again.i am trying to make modeling into more than just a hobby right now, I view it as my business and treat it as such.I am very responsible and professional but that doesnt mean that I dont consider modeling fun! .
Update as.03.13 - I am currently not working as I had another open heart surgery not too long ago, and suffered from complications that put me in a coma for a week.

Unless there is nudity involved where I only accept Paid and Select TFP/CD.
I love doing it and my passion for it is endless, but I want to be serious about it as well.
The people I choose to accompany me are very professional at all times and realize that I am at a job.