Chassis number is 72052301R.
Cooling; new radiator fitted with all new connecting pipe work and fan motor.
The headliner is very good.May have used orig.Photos B 72072553R Last Updated: 11/04 USA As invoiced: Vin Number: 74/2553R Date Built: 7/1972 Date Invoiced: 8/25/1972 Engine S27267 Transmission?The wheels are off and the front brakes are off as these really needed a rebuild also.Due to racing commitments the project was placed on the back burner and thats when I took over!Website B 72081766P Last Updated: 12/2/08 Peter Eppel Sydney Australia As invoiced: Vin Number: 74/1766P Date Built: 8/1972 Transmission?I hobart brothers company sds bought the car with about 20,000 miles on it, and by the time I sold it in March of 2001, to a guy named Bill from outside of Detroit, I have put at least another 100,000 miles.Photos B 72072502R Last Updated: 4/28/10 Cranford New Jersey USA As invoiced: Vin Number: 74/2502R Date Built: 7/1972 Date Invoiced: 7/13/1972 Engine S27132 Transmission?Chassis: No problems with the integrity.Still very original with minor mods (electronic ignition, new rear dampers, electric fan original wheel rims tyre sizes.Compleatly rebuilt front end, NEW- Bellows, Bushings, Rod Ends, Ball Joints.Interior is tan and black.Body in good shape, interior needs cosmetics.Original color: danika escort L5 Carnival Red A 72051052Q Last Updated: 9/05 Thorkild.All panel wiring was re altered according to factory set up and all lights and gauges functioned.4 Speed Original color: L07 - Lotus Yellow Condition: Current color: Yellow For sale on ebay 11/1/09 Needs full restoration.4 Speed Original color: L12 - Lagoon Blue Condition: Current color: Green is prostitution legal in vegas strip Good original A 72031019Q Last Updated: 11/04 France As invoiced: Vin Number: 74/1019Q Date Built: 3/1972 Date Invoiced: 3/21/1972 Engine 26055 Transmission 336-56/?As far as i can tell the body and chassis are straight and undamaged.Original color: L11 - Regency Red Condition: Current color: In the middle of restoration A?A new set of Minilight wheel and tyres was put in to give a more sporty look and handling.Oshkosh Wisconsin USA As invoiced: Vin Number: 74/2387R Date Built: 6/1972 Date Invoiced: 6/9/1972 Engine S26821 Transmission?
The engine has been oiled and turns freely.
Engine No Was V25837, Now D16873B (ex Elan S4 36-8376) Update 4/5/09: Following a toooo lengthy restoration, the Europa is back together and ready for the Australian Lotus club National get together.

Ast Updated: 4/27/07 Andreas Meier Solingen Germany As invoiced: Date Invoiced: 1/4/1971 Engine 25557 Transmission 336-56/?
New matching colour belts fitted 2001.
Door panels look good but have wear around the edges.