Lotus cortina mk 1 1966 LHD.
Been in my personal collection for the last 8 me history of 3 known previous owners I am the 4th owner.
Jun-2018 Oxfordshire Private MK1 Lotus Cortina Red and Gold 1963 MK1 Lotus Cortina 1963 red and gold.
Hover over an Image to view To the left or Click on an Image to enlarge.Sills and floors need inspection on both models, as do the rear chassis legs near the spring seats.Any front-to-rear movement means it hasnt got long left.7.3 Litre Diesel 14 passenger.In 4x4 models, lowering accelerates CV joint wear listen for a clicking as you turn on full lock.Ensuring that a car is genuine should be your first port of call, world prostitution country and this is something that the RS Owners Club should be able to help with.Even 25k will still get you something usable, if a little high-mileage or with non-matching numbers.January 1990: 4x4 system and other updates added to the Sapphire Cosworth, primarily to ready the car for an assault on the WRC.Older alarms and immobilisers are often a nightmare, and most Cosworths will have one.Owners clubs, forums and websites The Ford RS Owners Club m Sapphire Cosworth forum m Parts and tuning passport 9500ci manual products for Fords m Ford enthusiast forum Summary and prices Well-preserved three-door Cosworths have been in collector territory for the last ten years or so, with the.Two electrical issues need attention: fuel pump wiring was marginal and the voltage drop between battery and fuel tank can leave the mixture dangerously lean at full boost.This thinning of the flock, combined with the rear-wheel-drive Sapphires drop in value through the 1990s that left many thrashed or crashed, has meant the three-doors and RWD Sapphires are now scarce.
Some sellers ask in excess of 50k for the best, but you can still pick up good original cars from around 35k.