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Reynolds gets to know Nandi, who explains the poverty that Burgess enforces on the locals.
(Theres that concern with definitions again.) So the crew descends on the bordellowith Jayne all duded up and ready for sexingand while Simon attends to Petaline, everyone else fortifies the establishment and prepares for a shootout with Burgess.
Wash, trying to sound commanding when Zoe suggests a three-point watch on four-hour shifts:.4 hours should.Nandi had left before then, however, straining at the restrictions of Companion life.Goofs, when Rance Burgess parks his hovercraft below the Heart of Gold, the mounted gun and brass shield are missing.Firefly: The Official Companion: Volume One.(I do like Reeses sheepskin seat cover, though; thats a nice touch.) The villains laser gun is such a prop-tastic mess than even the Check Batteries joke thuds.Tracy Leah Ryan ).What Nandi doesnt realize is that the feelings are reciprocated, and when Inara sees Mal sneaking out of Nandis room in the morning, she tells him she approves of their dalliance, and then slips off morehead city escorts to a private corner to weep.She should never have been asked.The next morning, Reynolds tries to explain his night with Nandi to Inara, but Inara calmly tells him that there is no reason to be embarrassed about his sex life, and also thanks him for comforting her friend.Melinda Clarke demanding to see a woman named Petaline (.In the context of an episode that to a degree is about definitions.As Petaline gives birth, Chari lets Burgess inside.
Inara Serra : I wouldn't say I'm entirely okay.
But her weepy collapse is so inelegant, so by-the-numbers, that I couldnt help wondering in the moment whether there was some other cause of her distress that I had missed.