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There shall be included in this law provisions framed so as to facilitate the acquisition of Palestinian citizenship by Jews who take up their permanent residence in Palestine." Religious and communal issues (Articles 13-16 and 23) The Vatican and the Italian and French governments concentrated.
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On our side we had the valuable assistance of Ben.Retrieved Biger, Gideon (2004).When Churchill decided to continue British support for the Amir in late 1921, he also stated his preference to simply 'allow pursue their present course' in Transjordan.G A formal public statement confirming this was announced by the president of the council on 24 July.Karsh, Efraim; Karsh, Inari (2001).On 20 August Samuel and a few political officers left Jerusalem by car, headed for the Jordan river, the frontier of British territory at that time.That is not satisfactory, but with the forces at our disposal nothing else could be attained.The Seat of Pilate: An Account of the Palestine Mandate.The Times, Oct 1, p11.The League's duties were confined to seeing that the specific and detailed terms of the mandates were in accordance with the decisions taken by the Allied and Associated Powers, and that in carrying out these mandates the Mandatory Powers should be under the supervisionnot under.Britain, the Hashemites and Arab Rule: The Sherifian Solution.The political officer had a total force of only fifty Arab policemen at his disposal and quite simply did not know what.By the end of March 1921 Abdullah and his small army had effectively occupied most of Trans-Jordan unopposed.In a discussion regarding the southern boundary, the Egyptian aspiration to acquire the Negev area was presented.His Majesty's government also refused to recognize any Palestinians as spokesmen for their own community, although a year later they were forced to grant unofficial status to the delegation famous prostitutes of new orleans from the Palestine Arab Congress.Y Neither Palestinian nor any other Arabs were involved in the discussions which led to the boundaries of Mandatory Palestine.
The duties of these officers should be confined to encouraging local self-government and to giving such advice as is asked for by the people.
The World Zionist Organization later submitted to the peace conference a proposed map of the territory that did not include the area east of the Hedjaz Railway, including most of Transjordan.

Z Northern borders The determination of Palestine's northern border was a far longer and more complex process than for Palestine's other borders.
T At discussions between in Jerusalem on 28 March, Churchill proposed his plan to Abdullah that Transjordan would be accepted into the mandatory area as an Arab country apart from Palestine and that it would be, initially for six months, under the nominal rule.
128 Two weeks later, Colonial Secretary Arthur Creech Jones announced that the British Mandate would terminate on ab On the last day of the Mandate, the creation of the State of Israel was proclaimed, and the 1948 ArabIsraeli War began.