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110 Jet era edit escort service wisconsin dells English Electric Canberra of the raaf, 1964. .
Retrieved McPhedran, Air Force Today,.42 By the end of March, it was equipped with 18 Bristol Fighters, which had replaced all the other types.The Hudsons sank a Japanese transport ship, the IJN Awazisan Maru, and damaged two more transports, the Ayatosan Maru and Sakura Maru, for the loss of two Hudsons, an hour before the attack on Pearl Harbor.56 a b "No.164 In April 2014, the government announced the purchase of 58 F-35s in addition to 14 already ordered, for the express purpose of replacing the 71 "classic" Hornets of Nos. .9 10 It can be refuelled in flight by the raaf's Airbus KC-30A Multi Role Tanker Transports.Air Force: Inside the New Era of Australian Air Power.228, 231 Odgers, Air War Against Japan,.Retrieved "New air combat capability".Richard Williams, later known as the "Father of the raaf".1 Squadron pilots attached. .29 Coulthard-Clark, The Third Brother,.3234 "Super Hornet acquisition contract signed".1 Squadron, including one of its aces, Lieutenant Ross Smith, were attached to Colonel.E.344346 Johnston, Whispering Death,. .Disbanded in 1919,. .8688 Molkentin, Fire in the Sky,.Retrieved "raaf's 75SQN takes over Okra operations".Archived from the original (PDF) on 25 February 2009.158 159 A detachment. .41, 56 Wilson, Phantom, Hornet and Skyhawk in Australian Service,.
89 Heavily outnumbered by Japanese air units, which raided Allied bases with impunity,. .