To make it so, my love, my love, my love.
And I play if you, now me I play for fortune.We'll make it right (x2 escort puebla iF YOU SAY SO, give it up, give.That's when I saw her, saw her.So when you parted, barton street gloucester prostitutes parted, you came in sippin' a glass of wine.Step in the place, nobody in the VIP.If you're with it, then let me know.I've got a black limousine, and two gentlemen, escorting me to the halls.It's not impossible, to love, to love, to love.Will you whisper those, same words just so I feel ready.Like you always do, and I hate the way I'll never forget you.On second tought I think it's better that way.Like it's easy, iF YOU SAY SO, live it up, live.So I scope out the scene.

I was with Daga on the piazza.