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There are three mk1 escort keys categories of reasonable accommodations: Modifications or adjustments to a job application process to permit an individual with a disability to be considered for a job; Modifications or adjustments to enable a qualified individual with a disability to perform the essential functions.Stroll, saunter, amble, wend one's way, trudge, plod, hike, tramp, trek, march, stride, troop, patrol, step out, wander, ramble, tread, prowl, footslog, promenade, roam, traipse go by foot, go on foot, travel on foot, foot it, be a pedestrian.(redirected from detainments also found in: Dictionary, Thesaurus.For additional information, employees should contact their servicing DCR Officer.Also found in: Wikipedia.Process for Requesting a Disability Accommodation: CBP Employee: Employees with disabilities who desire accommodations shall: 1) Request an accommodation either orally or in writing to his or her immediate supervisor, another supervisor or manager in his/her chain of command, or to a PDO staff member;.Related to Flinders Island: Flinders Island Spotted Fever island off southern coast of Australia.A popular term for severe stenosis of the left anterior descending coronary artery, so named as its acute occlusion is classically associated with sudden death in (married) middle-aged men.CBP Prospective Employee: An applicant for employment with CBP who has received a final selection letter and requires an accommodation to perform job duties or to access a benefit of employment (e.g., training, office-sponsored events, emergency evacuation shall email a Request for Reasonable Accommodation.Link to this page:.Want to thank TFD for its existence?Also found in: Dictionary, Encyclopedia, Wikipedia.The Office of Human Resources Management (HRM) is responsible for processing requests for religious accommodation from applicants seeking employment with CBP.CBP Employee: An employee shall request a religious accommodation either orally or in writing to their immediate supervisor with as much advance notice as possible.To ensure that CBP maintains accurate records regarding requests for religious accommodation, the receiving supervisor shall ask the employee to complete the CBP Religious Accommodation Request Form.In addition, CBP shall provide reasonable accommodation for the religious beliefs and/or practices of employees and applicants for employment unless providing a reasonable accommodation would result in undue hardship to CBP.
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