Do not have the shifters flow with your cars angles, they must be aimed straight ahead.
Bristling with wires, it's certain to be buried under the dash to hide the clutter.
It lost one point to the Escort in controls and operation, alert system and user documentation.
Also be sure the front shifter heads are not recessed but instead are mounted just ahead of the surround grille pattern.Passport 9500ix, Passport 9500i Blue, Passport 9500i Red, Passport 8500 X50 Blue, Passport 8500 X50 Red, Passport 8500, Cordless Solo S2, Passport SR7 and C65.This is why the shifters should never be mounted behind any type of grille no matter how thin and widely spaced the grille pattern.This also has a small speaker with a thumbwheel volume-control switch, plus.Stalker XLR laser clocks our K40 jammer-equipped Kia at 24 mph.Mounts, brackets, ease of installationis the mounting hardware high in quality, effective and is the system easily installed?Like the other jammers tested, it has an interface module that accommodates up to four jammer heads.Supplied with the K40 Defuser G5 are universal mounting brackets as well as a polycarbonate license plate bracket, the top of which accommodates a single jammer.Testing took place over a three-day period in Mesa, Arizona.Unfortunately, many installers don't bother, which makes the jammers ineffective.2nd Place Blinder HP905 Compact 71 points The Blinder HP905 equaled the Escort Laser ShifterPro in the quality of its installation hardware and outscored it in the ease of updating its firmware.Firmware updateshow easily can the owner download and install firmware updates to meet future laser threats?Video of Escort ZR4 Shifters in action.
The shifter ZR4 includes (2) front-mounted and (1) rear license plate mounted laser transceivers, interface module, display controller with audible and visual alerts, and a remote mute button.

This Escort laser shifter features a Remote Mute button that disarms all laser transceivers at a controlled speed, letting you pass through the speed trap without being noticed.
By Jun 06, 2018 My favorite model is the ZR3 Laser Jammer.
ZR4 Shifters, laser receivers/Shifters: The ZR4 shifters have multiple sensors, (both front and rear) to detect and can briefly shift laser to give you an extra few seconds to slow down.