escort max 360 bluetooth pairing

Honestly I still think the DFR7 is a better pick because those GPS features are so helpful around town.
With the introduction of the Escort Max 360, Escort is now able to provide that one thing that has been she's a whore country song long-missing from their aresenalthe advanced situational awareness that comes from not only knowing what the threats are, but from where they are coming.Escort even offers a 1-year performance guarantee that will pay for any speeding tickets you receive while using the system.Its just so helpful.My personal preference is green.Lets help you pick the best detector for you.I figure in most instances, 10 over the posted limit is generally within the tolerance of traffic enforcement.It doesnt offer quite the range as the Uniden R3, but it offers a number of other benefits in return that make it very desirable and well-rounded.There are four different modes to help you dial in which alerts you will receive including Highway, Auto, Auto No X, and Auto Lo K mode.Whats even nicer is that this updated magnetic mount is usable in some of their other detectors.Other manufacturers such as Cobra and now Uniden have proven that producing bright very readable full color displays have been possible.The most noticeable change between the GT-7 and the Escort iX is a softer female voice that can often be difficult to decipher over driving noise when compared to the deeper and clear male voice on the Beltronics device.Although my personal preference has been for the new carrying cases that are supplied with the Beltronics GT-7 and Escort Passport, given what you get in the Escort Max 360 package, the Escort Max 360s case is more practical, I suppose, and can better handle.
I would especially appreciate another variation of the Expert FR metering to be added into the mix.