escort ix radar detector reviews

It has better performance than the escorts west perth iX, better filtering, doesnt needs TSR for BSM filtering, plus its got arrows.
Whenever a radar signal is detected, the Escort iX provides an audible warning, using a clear tone and a female voice alerting you to the type of band detected.
Pros Maximum range Easy usage right out of the box GPS Defense database Escort Live network GPS lockout / Marked locations AutoLearn Integrated Bluetooth Speed limit alert Sensitivity control Multi-Color oled Display SmartCord for easy access One year warranty Cons No stealth mode.The AutoMute feature automatically reduces the volume to your desired level once a radar has been detected.It is small too and can fit in the palm of your hand.The downside is that once your subscription expires (you get it for free for 1 year with the purchase of the iX Escort charges you to renew your subscription (25 for 1 year or 50 for 3 years).In this, escort iX radar detector review, well checking one of the coolest long range radar detector currently available in the market.The Escort iX comes with a 12v SmartCord USB premium power cord, travl case, revolutionalry EZ Mag Mount QUick Reference Guide and a 1 year warranty from Escort.If you want one, youll need to purchase the Escort iX direct from Escort.The display screen is small, but the data is sharp and easy to see.Do take note that before downloading Escort Live you must first register your Escort.Able to filter X-band and Ka-band while remaining in Auto modes.Ability to turn on/off RDR, TSR, and segment Ka band for advanced users.Full disclosure: This escort zx2 sr Escort iX review is in no way find male prostitute sponsored or paid for in any way and is a reflection of my own opinions based on objective testing and subjective driving experiences.To unmark a location, touch the MRK button when you are receiving a marked-location alert.SpecDisplay Display Option, autoVolume Automatically Adjustable Audio Levels, smartCord USB Power Cord Included.You can disable RLC alerts altogether, but otherwise youll get alerted every time you drive.BSM Filtering This is my biggest concern about the detectors filtering.Note: If AutoPower is on, to save screen life the display screen goes blank after 30 minutes without moving.