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Pronunciation escort Noun/skt/ escort Verb/skt/.
A student who offered herself as an hatsan escort ps marine guard escort on an Oxford-based website was taken on a date by an undercover journalist.
a To link to this term in a wiki such as Wikipedia, insert the following.They were escorted by armed guards, but so many of them escaped that only half at most actually reached the site.Then there are the high-class prostitutes who can work from home or work as escorts; they charge higher fees and can live a lavish lifestyle.To link to this term in a web page or blog, insert the following.N 1 bodyguard, company, convoy, cortege, entourage, guard, protection, retinue, safeguard, train 2 attendant, beau, chaperon, companion, guide, partner, protector, squire (rare) vb 3 accompany, chaperon, conduct, convoy, guard, guide, hold (someone's) hand, lead, partner, protect, shepherd, squire, usher.1.2 A person who may be hired to accompany someone to a social event.The content is a combination of photographs and text, with the photographs almost entirely being those of partially or completely nude females.Marcus became my escort throughout the entire event.The three men were accompanied by a doctor and put under escort by police during the flight back to Britain, their lawyers said.By 2012, Escort was in its 32nd year, or volume.Has ceased reconstruction work in much of the south, and requires its staff to travel there only in convoys with armed escorts.Next, my two bridesmaids and their escorts went down the aisle.In August 1940, the German bombers and escorting fighters outnumbered the defenders by about three to one.

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A Mexican border town in the grip of a drug war plans to tempt tourists back with free bus tours, complete with armed police escorts.