The GPS-enabled Max knows where you are and how fast you're going.
GPS-enabled, so it knows your speed.
The iX does just about everything right and in the escort service turkey process addresses the weaknesses I found with the detector its going to replace. .The SmartRadars performance was extremely good and very consistent. .The interface features adjustable backlight level and color controls.The tactile feel of the push bottons are spot.With this setting, the detector is capable of displaying your current speed, the radar band(s) detected, their specific frequencies, and the signal strength all at the same time.The mounting interface is awesome and makes for lightening fast attachment and detachment of the radar detector. .What can I say other than Escort iX is a properly designed radar detector. .It took a good number of years for industry to finally accept my findings, but I am pleased to say that today just about every radar detector manufacturer has incorporated similar capabilities into at least some of their detectors. .Also, the Max knows where you are.At these price points, such a cord should come as standard equipment. .Escort did eventually dial back its delay to a more reasonable amount of time, but its still an unfortunate side-effect, as it is with all detectors relying on a TSR-like filter.Performance Noticeably Increased Alerting Range Ive been saving the best for last. .Useful for drivers who drive in states like New Jersey, North Carolina, and Ohio where X-band is still used, but who drive out of those states where X-band is not used.AutoNoX The same as Auto mode, but with X-band temporarily disabled. .Way back when eniac was cutting-edge technology, Fuechsel presciently cautioned, "Garbage in, garbage out.e., the quality of the information produced by a computer is dictated by the quality of the information entered into.The system is also able to "AutoLearn" where false positives (like door openers or those fixed-position speed signs) are and can automatically record their position and learn to ignore them over time.As the iX can be easily updated, expect to see continued improvement as newer systems get introduced and existing ones are better understood.Its been a number of years now that Escort has offered this kind of display and I suspect since they havent yet been able to make the screen whore wife stories brighter, it must be difficult to do (or they would have already done it).While not perfect, thats a nice benefit of using Escort Live!Ive been pretty vocal about the construction and design of some of the more recent detectors from Escort including the Max, Max 2, the short-lived Passport, and the current Passport X70. .In other words, this dogll hunt.
Here is where the Passport will share information about its operation with the driver.
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This new chipset allows for reduced power consumption; very quick SAT signal acquisitions (you no longer have to wait up to 30 seconds or more ability to retain GPS signal in covered spaces like garages and tunnels; and much improved GPS signal differentiation. .
While certainly making the detector resistant to falsing to these traffic sensors, TSR also made it possible that the detector could miss a genuine quick I/O shot made on another vehicle ahead. .
Escorts philosophy has always driven their engineering to create detectors which eliminate false alerts as much a possible with the assertion that when an Escort radar detector alerts, its more likely to be a bonafide police radar trap requiring your immediate attention. .