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When I walked up to the door there was a note that said something like "Went to get change, be back soon." A lovely blonde woman got out of the car parked in front of the place and asked if I was there to see.
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I'd like to come through again in two or three years to see the progress.When we turned it off, the whole floor was pitch black, even though the doorway to the main floor was open.It was an operating bordello from 1890 to 1982.No more surveys blocking articles, subscribe for.00, digital Plus E-Edition.If not reading escort agency when do more episodes premiere?If you're escort 4 link rear suspension more interested in the ghost-hunting aspect, the basement was terrifying - and not just for the questionable integrity of the floors.I'd hate to think that if we would have taken a little longer to get there, we might have missed.The building is on the National Register of Historic Places.Bit later arriving in town, I would have missed the opportunity.3 17 comments, is al?The space absolutely swallowed the light.This was a must-see on my road trip list when passing through Butte this summer.Digital Basic, unlimited access to m and apps.Please call to upgrade your subscription.14 10 comments, episode Hunting 2 3 comments, help 86 7 comments.26 4 comments *Hears creepy voice in basement* Aaron go down there.In all, this was a fascinating stop, a great little slice of history.So, as others have noted, the hours of operation are not always consistent with what is posted.What is this Extra Pulses crap 4 10 comments, what's this show they are showing after ghost adventures on Saturday now?158 25 comments, back in the day this was Zaks My Space photo.
The woman who let us in (I believe her name was Colleen, and she was my hero on this trip) walked us through the building just to give us the lay of the land, and then left us to ourselves to explore as we pleased.

Current owners Michael Piche and Travis Eskelsen purchased the property in 2012 and later began operating it as a museum.