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Synonyms Translations promiscuous person see whore Verb prostitute ( third-person singular simple present prostitutes, present participle prostituting, simple past and past participle prostituted ) ( transitive, usually reflexively) To perform sexual activity for money.
"International Standard Bible Encyclopedia".
Priests were held to a higher standard than non-priests for they could not marry harlots, although again, there was no specified punishment for doing so (.For resisting the billings montana backpage word of the Lord, the priest Amaziah would be taken into exile, forcing his wife into prostitution to survive (.When she was unfaithful, he took her back in love ( 3:1-3 ).Joshua 2:1 ; Joshua 6:17, joshua 6:22, joshua 6:25 she figures in the genealogy of David and Jesus (.Two prostitutes asked Solomon to adjudicate between them over a child ( 1 Kings shut your whore mouth harrison 3:16 ).29 Do not prostitute thy daughter.Although sacral prostitution is not specifically mentioned, it is likely, since they were priests, that when Hophni and Phineas slept with the women who ministered at the entrance to the tabernacle, that they were borrowing the Canaanite practice ( 1 Sam 2:22 ).The practice was known by the patriarchs, for Tamar was taken for a cult harlot ( Gen 38:21 ).Hosea entered into an elaborate sign act in order to preach to the northern kingdom about its sin of spiritual harlotry.Prov 23:27 ; 29:3 ).More info, watch demo videos.For a complete Scripture study system, try.The words come from the root qds, meaning "set apart, " "holy, " "consecrated." These men and women considered themselves consecrated to their gods for the purpose of religious prostitution.God told him to marry Gomer ( Hosea 1:2-3 ).The relationship between Yahweh and Israel was that of husband and wife.Yet again a commercial firm had prostituted a traditional song by setting an advertising jingle to its tune.