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But this is the common fate of ill-gotten goods, that, as they came in by ford escort 1974 covetousness, they go out by whoring.
Old English hore "prostitute, harlot from Proto-Germanic *khoraz (fem.
Verb (used without object whored, whoring.I don't like it when people do that.".Whore of Babylon is from Rev.To consort with whores.To put to a base or unworthy use (sometimes followed by out Hes whoring out his skills by writing for popular magazines.Definitions of whore 1 n a woman who engages in sexual intercourse for money.Marie drinks all the time.You drink all the time.".ashley to Britt: "Debbie think's your PMSing cause you've been really bitchy lately.To make a whore of; corrupt; debauch.Some equivalent words in other languages also derive from sources not originally pejorative,.g.Not whoring, not drunkenness, not covetousness shall they be the ministrants of, but in all ways lead just and sober lives.For the expression is used that all Israel went a whoring after the ephod.The Falstaffs are strangely given to whoring and drinking: there are abundance of them in and about London.
Collins kinder whore English Dictionary - Complete Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition William Collins Sons.
Of Vulgar Latin *puttus (but perhaps rather from Latin putidus "stinking see poontang ).