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The camp is for children ages 7-11 diagnosed with adhd and/or social skills deficits, and runs for eight weeks under the supervision of clinical psychologists.We offer a 2 hour float for the beginner or just a quick trip late in the afternoon.New Directions Quality vacations for people with.Country Store with cold drinks, hot coffee, ice and groceries.Stop by and enjoy a tube, canoe, or kayak on the beautiful Muskegon River when you vacation in Northern Michigan.Age of Creativity An online platform to list artistic senior activities and share, celebrate and inspire ideas welsh word for whore and guides for senior arts.Our operation is in service seven days a week beginning in March thru December.We provide a safe means of transportation for both our tubers and party goers.Vacation Camp for the Blind in the Village of New Hampstead, New York.A few days to 2 week stays can be arranged with an individualized therapy program established based on the needs of the child and family.YouthCare runs a therapeutic summer camp for children with aspergers, pdd and adhd.18 Initially only children under the age of 3 were to be reported.New edition with expanded text, published by Frank Schneider.Enjoy up to a 4 hour river tubing adventure drifting leisurely down the beautiful upper Delaware River. .