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Their careers are over." "The agents I know are furious.
This article appears in the April 2013 issue of The Washingtonian.
A decade ago, Reid became a plaintiff in a class-action lawsuit by African-American agents alleging discrimination.
"The prostitutes could blackmail an agent into giving them access to terrorists.The way they approached us, it seems obvious that they were used to doing it, because people who do this for the first time prostitution in pretoria central are very shy, Suarez later told NBCs Today show.But its not the only example of Secret Service agents misbehaving with womenjust the most public.But most Americans will remember his tenure for something Sullivan probably wishes he could forget: the booze-fueled antics of 13 Secret Service agents who set out for a wild night in a seaside resort and ended up starring in an international sex scandal.They attended Granite Baptist Church in Glen Burnie.The agents still had good reason to think they wouldnt be fired, considering that prostitution was legal in Cartagena and not unheard of on foreign trips.Secret Service agent Arthur Huntington brought Dania Suarez to the Hotel Caribe in Cartagena.There are conflicting accounts about whether the police officer was advocating for Suarez or merely suggesting to Bongino that he give her the money to keep her quiet.One agent jumped on top of a bar."In no way was the security of the president in jeopardy by these officers and agents but it doesn't mitigate the seriousness because it opens the door to a security breach.".Its important to remember what the episode wasnt: a legitimate risk to national security.Says she is 'nervous' about retaliation by the.S.Kessler said turnover is still a problem and cites a current rate of more than 5 overall and 12 in the uniformed division.