Used to address bragging activities.
Perhaps because farting results in something that is useless even for fertilizer: " fàng pì " lit."a round of a fight but usually made into number of rounds if having sex multiple times, such as " or "round 3 of fighting" to mean "3rd time having sex qiángjin rape jjin ) sodomy shèjng to ejaculate (scientific) cháo chu female ejaculation; squirt.Tags: Asian, Chinese, Filipina, Interracial, Japanese, Riding, Thai 00:57 Young Chinese Couple Homemade Sex Video Tags: Asian, Chinese, Couple, Girlfriend, Homemade, Japanese, Voyeur, Young 16:00 01:16 27:11 03:10 17:25 03:10 33:41 02:47 03:36 44:00 Uncensored Asian Orgy Tags: Asian, Chinese, Hairy, Japanese, Lesbian, Orgy, Uncensored.If you have something to say, hurry up and say it; if you have a fart, hurry up and let it out) sh b ba ( or ) 8 - Children's slang term for faeces, similar to English "poo-poo" or "brownie".In Cantonese, "Ah" means "Dude so "Ah Cha" means the dude called "Cha".Contents, penis edit, as in English, many Mandarin Chinese slang terms involve the genitalia or other sexual terms.Due to Western influence, as well as the similar sound, this has become a synonym for bullshit in some circles."his mother's in the 1920s the famous writer Lu Xun joked that this should be China's national curse word) t wimbledon incall escorts m bzi ( simplified Chinese : ; traditional Chinese : his mother's clitoris.It is used to portray a studious person as lacking either hands-on experience or social skills.Pìyn - anal orifice, asshole gngmén ( simplified Chinese : ; traditional Chinese : ) - anus (medical term literally "door of anus".The word is used to refer to all Japanese people in extremely negative contexts.Fijchng ; literally "airport flat breasts hángkng mjiàn ) - literally " aircraft carrier referring to a flat chest.Gutuzi / gutu Variant of zugu lit."pretending to be the cunt dà yí m ) Literally "The Eldest Aunt a popular mainland contemporary term which refers to menstruation.Used to insult women.This phrase / Yellow Army was used during World War II to represent Japanese soldiers due to the colour of their uniform.Animals edit Dogs edit The fact that many insults are prefaced whore gang banged with the Mandarin Chinese word for dog attest to the animal's low status: guzizi son of dog (English equivalent: "son of a bitch gu pì bullshit, nonsense (lit.It appears in early novels as a deprecating term for young female bondservants.Sticks edit The noun gùn, stick/staff is often used to refer to someone who is morally corrupted.Nóng A contraction of "nóngmn" the Chinese word for peasant.
Lo wài ( Chinese : ) "foreigner literally "old outsider slang term for Caucasians in Mainland China, especially Caucasians from English speaking countries.