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Caveh Zahedi's I Am a Sex Addict, deceptive in its careful structure, was brothel manager job a humorously self-deprecating autobiography of a man constantly undone by his excessive sexual needs.
A number of films revealed Hollywood's growing fascination with East Asia and its flourishing cinema cultures.
Almost no film of 2000 from any country dazzled viewers with its originality or seemed to herald a new era or proclaim a new talent.
The new cine Masters Series and Golden Eagle winner was Journeys (1998 which portrayed sport fishing throughout the world, from deep-sea to fly fishing.The third Bournonville Festival in Copenhagen combined performances, exhibitions, and lecture-demonstrations; nine of Bournonville's surviving ballets were shown, as well as several shorter pieces in the end-of-festival gala.Alice Nellis's Výlet ( Some Secrets ) unfolded a socially revealing family comedy-drama in the course of a journey to carry the ashes of the beloved paterfamilias to Slovakia.The season in Stratfordwhere the Courtyard proved a great success as a temporary home while the main theatre was being rebuilt across the roadhad mixed success: The Merchant of Venice was generally derided, and The Taming of the Shrew starred two unattractive actors and was.At the end of 2006, major films from actor-directors reminded audiences that Hollywood could still produce resonant, high-quality product.The Bolshoi Ballet danced La Fille mal gardée in Moscow, and the Dutch National Ballet featured The Dream and Cinderella.Diabaté's wide-ranging musical interests were also reflected by his contributions to Maestro, a new album by American blues guitarist Taj Mahal, and Welcome to Mali, a new set by the highly successful Malian duo Amadou and Mariam, which also featured the adventurous British pop star.With its recently acquired staging by ballerina Natalia Makarova, and Christopher Stowell gave his Oregon Ballet Theatre its first complete staging of the ballet in June.( See Obituaries.) The death of another musical titan was also the basis of one of the year's most remarkable recordings.Nycb eased into marking its golden anniversary with the publication of Tributes, an album of illustrations and text.Singer Cassandra Wilson ( see Biographies ( Wilson, Cassandra ) honoured Miles Davis in Traveling Miles ( Blue Note the important composer-pianist Myra Melford contributed Above Blue ( Arabesque and Canadian piano virtuoso.D.In addition, long-standing director Ben Stevenson resigned but then returned to artistic direction in a more limited capacity.The Toronto Symphony players, faced with the need to cut expenses, agreed to a 15 salary reduction.Dre also sued Napster, but rap-rock band Limp Bizkit accepted tour sponsorship from the company for a 10-date summer tour.During the Proms' traditional last-night concert, conductor Mark Elder created a stir from the podium when he called for a special security exemption for musicians.Civilization at New York City's Avery Fisher Hall.The Beatles' newest album, 1 (2000 a compilation of its greatest hits, broke an unofficial record when it topped the charts in 34 countries early in 2001.In The Green Mile Frank Darabont made his second prison movie, the first being The Shawshank Redemption.Sondheim took a break from the musical form to indulge his other obsessionesoteric puzzlesby coauthoring (with familiar collaborator George Furth) an intricate comedy thriller, The Doctor Is Out, which premiered at San Diego, Calif.'s Old Globe Theatre.He and the old guard at the Bolshoi Theatre had failed to recognize the importance of sweeping reforms of perestroika, money was cripplingly short, the bureaucracy had become stifling, and the theatre itself was found to be crumbling.Kevin McKenzie's generally pretty production of the work for American Ballet Theatre (ABT) also featured prominently in its annual season at New York City's Metropolitan Opera House.
Australia's hit hero of the 1980s, Crocodile Dundee, made a somewhat weary comeback in Simon Wincer's Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles.

Sears, the highest-profile black theatre artist in Toronto and perhaps in all of Canada, staged her own history-hopping play with a vibrant singing and dancing chorus, who were said to represent the heroine's ancestors.