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From 1161, the bishop was granted the power to license prostitutes and brothels in the district.The attack was hardly the first case of trouble at the brothel.New Haven had reportedly run him out of town for running a brothel there, the Dew Drop Inn.France used mobile brothels during the First World War, the Second World War and the First Indochina War to supply sex services to French soldiers who were facing combat in areas where brothels were unusual, such as at the front line or in isolated garrisons.Room and board was often a price set by the local government but the price for everything else could add up to a common woman's entire earnings.Enormous amounts of money earned made the show's organizers move the show to different parts of India such as Lucknow, Jaipur and Kolkata, giving birth to the modern brothel industry in India.Either way, it was a day of no revenue for the keeper.However, for legal or cultural reasons, establishments sometimes describe themselves as massage parlors, bars, strip clubs, body rub parlours, studios, or by some other description.Regulation includes planning controls and licensing and registration requirements, and there may be other restrictions.In some places a prostitute had to have a yellow stripe on her clothing while in others escort salary range red was the differentiating color.Although they might be of various classes, ethnicities, and ages, most women who began or joined brothels had a shared goal: quick money.Neusbaum and Stuckhardt were startled.

In parts of Australia, for example, brothels are legal and regulated.
Louis IX (12261270) designated nine streets in the Beaubourg Quartier where it would be permitted.
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