brothel job meaning

This opens a london escort ladies sub menu to choose two customer classes.
To avoid this, assign girls resistant to the method of influence favored by your current customers (More detail in the Customer Influence section) and/or assign guards to the Kitchen to prevent such behavior.
Explore for yourself and don't be afraid to make mistakes, but save often.
The options are: - Normal Meals.Character Development As you can see, this means that your character development depends on the way you fight and the weapons you use.He wants your job.Custom Content Edit This game allows users to add their own content.The main job of a medic is to improve health recovery and their skill at doing so is handled by their intelligence and their agility, along with some homewrecking whore meaning traits.The result of such influence will likely be the customer fucking the attendant in the middle of the onsen (without pay).More information Edit You can find more information about the game at: - This game "Guides" folder.The higher a customer's social class, the higher refinement they require from a girl.In the first case, you need Bath Attendants to provide care for your customers.Fixing the Game, edit, occasionally problems may arise and the game will yell at you in French.You cannot sell skills/spells.Failing to comply with an order will result in the loss of your job.Note escort admiral that the action selection order will probably be different than the action execution order.Tactics are special actions that have very specific effects.You want to go up against the number two medical device firm in the world.Medic Edit The Medic is a character that helps improving health and morale recovery of your girls.The second is deciding what kind of food you serve.Sending Feedback We always appreciate feedback on the game.Add your savefile.Guard and escape can also be selected from the tactics menu, and they are exactly the same actions.

The skill of a bath attendant is based on their attractiveness (beauty, popularity and lust) along with some additional traits.
You can only assign one Bartender per brothel that is in charge of pouring the drinks.