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In addition to courtesans, there were also geisha /geiko, maiko (apprentice geishas otoko geisha (male geishas danna (patrons of a geisha and okaasan (geisha teahouse managers).
McAndrews shared some nevada brothel photos from his trips inside the brothels with.See also edit a b c d e Avery, Anne Louise.It remained in business, however, until prostitution was outlawed by the Japanese government in 1958 after World War.This article is about the Tokyo red-light district.Meiji period, yoshiwara was a famous ykaku pleasure district, red-light district ) in, edo, present-day, tky, Japan.Tuttle, Tokyo, 1971.For the locality in Mumbai, see.2 Yoshiwara was home to some 1,750 women in the 18th century, with records of some 3,000 women from all over Japan at one time.High Quality Content, offering exclusive content not available.(You can see more photos and amazing stories in his book, ".At first glance, Yoshiwara today looks very similar to many other neighborhoods of modern Tokyo.

When the girl was old enough and had completed her training, she would become a courtesan herself and work her way up the ranks.
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Prostitution is technically illegal, although this supposed illegality has been accomplished by applying a rather strained definition of the term (for example, the definition of "prostitution" does not extend to a "private agreement" reached between a woman and a man in a brothel).