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The Russian armed forces are planning over 2000 military exercises just for 2016.
Especially the East-Europeans who have painted a bullseye on their heads just to please of golden sands escort Uncle Sam.However, I dont think that anybody could have prevented this outcome.For example, Polish politicians constantly blame the Soviet Union for the 1939 Soviet-German non-aggression Treaty (aka Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact) of 1939.He was the house Negro.Holmes Kolston III, Sama' ami Religion (Nw York: Random House, l)H?).When the master said that we have a fine home here, the house Negro said, Yes, we have a fine home here.And during slavery you had two Negroes.One Polish official denounced the.Most of Eastern Europe seems to be эскорт карго москва seized by a militaristic frenzy and a genuine fear that the Russians are about to invade.After the upcoming nato summit in Warsaw, this popularity is likely to soar even higher.Hed say, Yes, lets.Russians, who are constantly informed about these developments which are discussed on an almost daily basis in the Russian media, are absolutely baffled by this paranoid hysteria.When the master would be sick, the house Negro identified himself so much with his master hed say, Whats the matter boss, we sick?If McCain compared Russia to a gas station masquerading as a country then I would compare how to get sex after first date EU as a brothel masquerading as a continental alliance, a brothel where Americans get serviced for free.I might be very naïve of course, and totally wrong.The Russians tried everything they possibly could to try to revive a modicum of common sense into the European politicians, but to no avail: the Europeans simply dont have the brains, the spine or the balls to dare to have an opinion of their own.Still, I am not losing all hope.But how is it that millions of Europeans took to the streets during the so-called Euromissile crisis or to oppose the war in Iraq, but have absolutely nothing to say about their sovereignty being turned into a farce, about their leaders supporting a Nazi regime.Speaking of Piłsudski, take a look at this (very politically correct) summary of his life and actions and you will see that having megalomaniacal Fascist national heroes is not only a Ukrainian feature.He ate food that his master left on the table.West Europeans are maybe capable of thinking, but cannot take any action.
Second, I have not lost hope in two European nations: France and Italy.
Nato will find a new (old) role for itself.

Where would I live?
East-Europeans are so terrified that they are unable to thinking logically.