Read more » 0 Ordsall Hall Salford, Greater Manchester.5 miles from Birkenhead, UK-Q1 The most well-known ghost is that of the flirty naughty jokes White Lady; while her identity is often disputed, it is agreed that she died in a tragic and heartbroken manner.
Birkenhead, Merseyside, a flat-capped man in blue overalls is seen in the Construction Hall and an elderly woman has been reported near the kitchen.(Submitted by Chris Berglund).She is said to roam the grounds of the location early.Whenever unaccountable events occur, figures show up in photographs, noises are heard, or something is seen, the saying is: "It must have been Les".(Submitted by Chris Berglund) Read more » 0 Knowsley Hall Knowsley, Merseyside.5 miles from Birkenhead, UK-Q1 Butlers dressed in Victorian clothing are said to be on the premises as well as phantom cars that are seen in the front.She had a deep cut on the back of her head and she lay in a pool of blood, said a source that preferred anonymity.He was only caught after torching a Birkenhead mosque in the wake of the London 7/7, bombings and a poem he had written about a dead woman was found at his house in Elmswood Road, Birkenhead.The web of lies Stephen Wynne wove unravelled as scientists took apart his home and found evidence of the gruesome murder.She had her skirt up to her waist and had no underwear.Read more » 0 Hartford Hall Hartford, Cheshire West and Chester.3 miles from Birkenhead, UK-Q1 Before being converted into a hotel, it was a nunnery.He distributed the dismembered body parts around Wirral and began a meticulous plan to cover his tracks.The bloodstains of an executed priest also reappear in the same place even though he died in the 16th century.Most of the activity is believed to come from Room.
(Submitted by Chris Berglund) Read more » 0 Denbigh Castle Denbigh, Wales 22 miles from Birkenhead, UK-Q1 In the eastern section, shadows are seen running about, and a boy's face looking out a window have been seen.