Commodification of women not only leads to women becoming second class citizens, but it also normalises the concept of a human being becoming the property of someone else. .
Other forms of sexual exploitation, such as tabletop dancing, bondage and myrtle beach prostitute zombie discipline centers, peep shows, phone sex, and pornography have all developed in much more profitable ways than before (Sullivan and Jeffreys: 2001).
It's not a profession.
Prostitution isnt like anything else.Du hast noch keinen Account?Members of Parliament who originally supported the legalization of brothels on the grounds that this would liberate women are now seeing that legalization actually reinforces the oppression of women (Daley, 2001: A1).In addition, each year, several hundred thousand women are trafficked from Eastern European countries for prostitution in sex industry centers all over the world.Catw's studies found that even surveillance cameras in prostitution establishments are used to protect the establishment."Prostitution should not be legalized.In a catw 5-country study that interviewed 146 victims amsterdam legal prostitution statistics of international trafficking and local prostitution, 80 of all women interviewed suffered physical violence from pimps and buyers) and endured similar and multiple health effects from the violence and sexual exploitation (Raymond et al: 2002).Mehr erfahren, hmm, es gab ein Problem, den Server zu erreichen.The government of the Netherlands promotes itself as the champion of anti-trafficking policies and programs, yet cynically has removed every legal impediment to pimping, procurement and brothels.You can access the entire archive of over 500 issues with a digital subscription.The council has neither the money nor the personnel to put investigators into brothels to flush out and prosecute illegal operators.Nearly 70 per cent of prostituted women meet the criteria for a diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder and they constitute 15 per cent of all completed suicides.For Hughes, the concept is impossible: "Most arguments in favor of legalization are based on trying to distinguish between 'free' and 'forced' prostitution and trafficking."The only time they protect anyone is to protect the customers.".Vollständiges Profil ansehen, blockieren, link zum Tweet kopieren, embed this Video.One argument for legalizing prostitution in the Netherlands was that legalization would help end the exploitation of desperate immigrant women trafficked for prostitution."Trafficking and Prostitution: the Growing Exploitation of Migrant Women from Central and Eastern Europe.One stated: "Prostitution stripped me of my life, my health, everything." Conclusion: Legislators leap onto the legalization bandwagon because they think nothing else is successful.Individuals have sex for a wide range of reasons for fun and pleasure, to have children, to mark and deepen intimacy, out of duty, to earn a living or for other transactional purposes.In the Netherlands, women in prostitution point out that legalization or decriminalization of the sex industry cannot erase the stigma of prostitution but, instead, makes women more vulnerable to abuse because they must register and lose anonymity.
(Gunilla Ekberg) Legalization gives approval to violence, control and devaluation.

Even where brothels supposedly monitored the "customers" and utilized "bouncers women stated that they were injured by buyers and, at times, by brothel owners and their friends.
Prostitution is a symptom of the problem, not the problem itself. .