When asked what Azan does for a job, Nicole reveals that she sent Azan a significant amount of money.
Antonio says Annie had said she would leave if David couldn't provide for her.Apparently, a previous guy Nicole dated was also called "daddy".Then, Nikki's brother Antonio shows up via video chat.Antonio accuses Annie of being with David for a green card.Wanna read more on this?Andrei says her submissiveness is just becoming more mature, causing everyone to look quizzically at each other.Neither of these two say much, but Aika says she doesn't know if she will stay with Josh if they don't have kids.Luis says that he went to see his brother when Molly kicked him out.He says Evelyn's parents talk about sex with him over coffee.A few more: '90 Day Fiance' Season 5 episode 6: Nicole and Azan Shock Us Even More ( more '90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After Where is Anfisa Now?He refuses to sit with Molly., even though she wants him.But Chris says he will give no more money to David, unless he works for.Chris and Nikki are there to discuss their relationship with David and Annie.David and McKayla get into a little tiff about how he said that she wouldn't be so upset backpage escort greenville nc if she was dating someone.
Elizabeth's sisters show up, and they say they've never seen her being so submissive.

Chris then offers him a partnership in a restaurant.
Later they discuss the discussion between Olivia and Luis, when Luis brought up sex.
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