If that does not work you have a ground in your hot wire but san antonio backpage jobs first check the wire plug on the horn.
Which is what I'm looking for.
N2 Shut off fuel switch located under driver side next to fuse panel.You will see a long plastic hose coming from the top of the intake down to right near the exhaust manifold(front of engine).I was checking the fluids in 2000 ford taurus.NON THE steering wheel, Dumby.You have to take the console out to get.After u get the upper radiator hose off the thermostat will just be resting inside the housing.Or drivers wheel, check your fuse I remember Tempos were bad for the harness behind steering wheel and plugged in under steering column, it was a part the dealer kept in stock.I haven't found the PCV Valve yet in mine either.NYour owner's manual says to take it in to a dealer at 60,000 miles and they'll do it for free.I hope this will help you find.Check all your fuses inside the car.Relays include wiper, flasher-unit, turn signal and headlamp, in addition to the horn relay.If you take a peek you should see it, its silverish and within arms reach.If u look on the drivers side of the engine.Be cautious and make sure u don't drop those screws into the tank.The next I took the battery out of the escort and put it in my truck.
It is inside the passenger compartment inside the center console where it meets the dash.