At one point he picked up some aftermarket mid-80s Mustang rims (4 bolt) and put them on, the looked pretty sweet, definitely better than the stock Escort ep in mind Kyle lives in Grand Blanc, which is right outside Flint.
A girl asked him if she could go have a cigarette in his car during lunch.
The damage had only started.
Heres one that I spotted in Northern California in December.Although I had to wait until I sold my car first, since I didn't have any money of my le decided to drive the Escort to school one day (he also drives an '85 Trans Am, and now has a '94 S-10 SS, and soon.He got the car for free on the grounds that he would get it running.You could barely tell it had over 200,000 miles, except for the rusted out rear right strut tower and the 3" rust hole in the roof filled in with BodyDough.Once again, after hours of rallying, the car stopped le and his friends wanted to get the car running again.Here's the story:A while back, say summer 2002, my buddy Kyle recieved (not bought) a first-half '88 Escort GT (they changed the tail lights half way through 88).The first-generation GT wasnt especially quick, but it looked cool (by 1980s standards) and probably swiped a few sales away from the Civic Si and Volkswagen GTI.Who wouldnt want a carefully selected interior?Pastel Steel Blue Frost Pearl Metallic.Edit Post twobitbii's 1988 Ford Escort, load Post 6, ride Comments 0 comments.Edit Post, another merkur2fnfast 1988 Ford Escort post.ALL photos (29 related rides, jump to Post, post 1 Post 2 Post 3 Post 4 Post 5 Post.Cylinders head airbags side-mounted airbags, front head room, front leg room, rear head room.She still owes Kyle 800 for the car she ter Kyle got the car running again, it was still not road legal, due to the excessive body damage (and no headlights).Midnight Currant Red Pearl Metallic, smoke, vermillion.
Drive type, transmission, ePA mileage est.
One kid got the idea the put some gasoline in the intake plenum, which in a carbeurated car helps it start.