Remove the manual control lever nut securing kenny powers whore with a heart of gold the manual control shift outer dating websites for seniors over 50 lever to the manual control lever.
21 Irregular ignition signal.
The cam sensor is located at the front right front side of the cylinter head, while you are facing the engine.
Look for something with wires going in to it The transaxle ( transmission ) is in the engine compartment bolted to the engine ( it's on the drivers side of the engine ).59 CO adjustment, potentiometer.It is directly under the tranny.Remove the manual control shift outer lever from the manual control lever.It is driven by the output shaft of the trans.Let the car warm.You will lose acceleration and gain MPG.The lower pan takes a hex key and is located to the left of the pan when looking at the car from the front, the upper is a brass bolt.It looks like a small bolt with a wire attached.The VSS is located on top of the transmission.Mine was located below the pcv valve that is located on block not the valve cover, its below the exhaust manifold.68 Turbo-charger sensor, check / adjust turbo charger.44 Throttle opened too late or not at all, repeat running engine test.I am working on the same problem.Let the car idle in Park.Insert the dipstick in the tube and pull it out fast.